Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dad's Socks

I decided, after much deliberation, that my father's birthday gift was going to be a pair of double-heelix socks (Ravelry PatternBlog Pattern).  He did go to MIT, after all.

Well, his birthday isn't until March 31st, but I was working on them in February while I was home, and one day he came home from work a little early and saw them.

"Are you making socks?" he asked, reaching out to investigate my knitting.

"Yeah," I sheepishly handed it to him.

"That's so cool!  And oh look at the heel!  How did you do that?"

I explained the process to him, and he put his hand on my shoulder and said "you're definitely my daughter," laughing about how I could make anything complicated.

My mom walked in and wanted to know if he liked them.  He said he did, and she said "oh good," at which point I told my dad that they were for his birthday.

"Oh awesome!  Lil, I can't wait!" he said.  I took the opportunity to ask him if he wanted to socks to be matching or contra-positives, like the picture.  Glad I asked, cause I would have done it the other way!

And so, even though it's not his birthday yet, here they are!

I like how they came out.  They're a little different, but usually socks are.  These pictures are a little awful, but they're the best I could get.

Ravelry Pattern | Ravelry Project