Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eleanor Louise - Second Quilt!

Here it is, my completed second quilt for the lovely Ellie, made from this top!

This was quilted in the ditch, and ended up being about 60x60", the same as the first quilt.

I used an off-brand jelly toll for the stars, and purchased an off-white background fabric, a blue backing, and a green binding.

Again, I made the label with an old Jelly Roll scrap.

Pattern: Star Sampler from Pam and Nicky Lintott's "Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts"

PS: Bonus points if you can find the mistake I fixed between the first post and this one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quilt Top #3 - Owen

A few weeks ago, you saw my first completed quilt.  Then, you saw a second quilt top, ready to be quilted.

Well, you'd be happy to know that I finished the quilting and am currently binding that quilt.  It should be up and at-em for you by next week.

In the mean time, I'm moving.  The good news: I might end up with a sewing "room."  The bad news?  I can't find anything.

You'll have to do this week with an update of my third quilt top, for one Owen, the second of that up-and-coming generation.

Here's the beauty!  Though it's not 60x60 like the other two, it has nearly the same square inch count, and I think it'll work anyway!

PS: Bonus points if you can find the mistake in the second quilt top! (I fixed it, don't worry).

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dress Form, take two!

Previously, on Ladybug Laboratory....

<cue music>

...STITCHES West, 2015...

...Duct Tape Dress Dummy...

And tonight, we bring you...

The Denim Dress Dummy!
(New and improved!  Except not!)

So, in case you haven't figured it out, I tried to use a pattern from Etsy to turn my Duct Tape Dummy into a nice, vaguely presentable dress dummy that I could call a piece of furniture.

I cut up the duct tape and made a muslin from it.  It was terrible.

I drafted another.  It was too small.

A third was too big.
I went with it anyway and transferred it to denim, and then made the Mister pin it down to size.

I seamed all the pin-lines.  I tried it on.  It was about an inch too tight, including the seam allowance, and didn't fit around my waist.

Whatever, I said, I've been working on this all week and I just want to finish it.  I'll lose some weight or adjust my pinning.

I stuffed it and sewed it and measured my finished product.

The wait is 2.8 inches bigger than mine, and the breast stuffing popped up and to the sides.

I think at this point I might just by an adjustable one.

It does look quite creative though!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quilt Top #2 - Ellie

Two weeks ago, I posted about my first completed quilt for the newest addition to the Mister's family.  I also mentioned briefly in my post about the Sampler Hot Pad that I had accumulated two more quilt tops that I hadn't quilted yet.

Here's the funny thing.  I was so worried about catching up on all of my posts, since I was still posting Christmas gifts until March.  Well, I'm not exactly caught up yet, but I can't post any of my more recent completions, because they're for Christmas this year.  Ah, well.  I suppose that's the way it will have to be.  You'll hear about them in February!

In the mean time, I shall enlighten you on the second quilt top I made.

After making the quilt for Caleb, the newest addition, I realized that he's only the fourth kiddo in this new generation, and that if I hurry, I might be able to make three more before any new ones pop out!  I began with the oldest, and chose another 60x60 pattern with another Jelly Roll.  I had planned to have it done for her fourth birthday, but alas, it was not to be.  It's alright, though, because my next goal is to have all four completed for the big family Christmas this year.

Here's a photo of the quilt-top, freshly basted to the backing.  I chose a nice bright blue for the back to pull out the blue-tones in the front colors and to keep it from being overly girly.  Hopefully she likes it.  She's the only one who's really old enough to have an opinion!

I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to make a Jelly-Roll binding for this one as well, but if I can, I certainly will.

In the mean time, enjoy the pretty colors!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Harpa Socks

As part of my Cold Sheep Commitment, I decided to make another pair of socks from the Springtime Tonal Stroll KnitPicks I had purchased almost a year ago.  Previously, I had made the Field to Forrest Socks from that yarn, and I knew it stood well to my feet.

I chose a pattern from Ravelry called "Harpa Socks," and though I liked the pattern, I still detest heel-flap heels, largely because they don't fit well on me, so I remain a little bitter about that.

Really, I should have just done the heel I wanted.  Oh well.

Here they are.  Hope they work!

Sadly, I also lost one of my Field to Forrest socks!  I hope it turns up eventually, but I do have enough yarn to make another if need be...

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