Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Harpa Socks

As part of my Cold Sheep Commitment, I decided to make another pair of socks from the Springtime Tonal Stroll KnitPicks I had purchased almost a year ago.  Previously, I had made the Field to Forrest Socks from that yarn, and I knew it stood well to my feet.

I chose a pattern from Ravelry called "Harpa Socks," and though I liked the pattern, I still detest heel-flap heels, largely because they don't fit well on me, so I remain a little bitter about that.

Really, I should have just done the heel I wanted.  Oh well.

Here they are.  Hope they work!

Sadly, I also lost one of my Field to Forrest socks!  I hope it turns up eventually, but I do have enough yarn to make another if need be...

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