Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sophie's Garden and Going Cold Sheep

By now, you've seen Parts 1-5 of the Sophie's Universe CAL, but today, you'll get to see the inspiration for my participation.

Lets set the scene.  January, 2015.  A new year.  Still on break from work.

I decide to go Cold Sheep.

That means no more yarn until what I have is feasibly used up.  You'll see more about this later, don't worry, but imagine me setting out the guidelines for exceptions.

  • I can buy yarn if it is only to finish a project I already have.  For instance, I bought a third hank of Alchemy Silk Purse (more on that later) when I realized two was not quite enough to finish the scarf.
  • I can buy yarn if it is for a gift or a special request.
  • In February, when I go to Stitches WEST, I can buy yarn, but only for projects that I've already determined (no impulse buying!).
  • Once my stash fits comfortably in one crate (instead of 4) and I have mostly small, unassigned bits left, I can lift the restrictions.
I open up my Ravelry tab and come across this delightful pattern.

"It's beautiful!" I think, "And perfect for stash busting!"

Soon, my Sophie's Garden is underway, a nice long-weekend of crochet before the frenzy resumes.

And then, I discover that Dedri is hosting a CAL to expand Sophie and make her into a six-foot blanket.  I have always wanted to join a CAL.  I want to be part of a community.  I want to make friends and have something to look forward to.  The mystery of it all, finding out each section as you go, intrigues me.  I get a rush just thinking about it.  I must participate.

But alas, I don't have the yarn...

So, I quickly make one more rule, and since it's during that first week of January, it doesn't count, right?
  • I can buy yarn to participate in Sophie's Universe.
Now, of course, I have, since then, hemmed and hawed about purchasing the yarn to participate in another CAL, or maybe make a second Sophie, trying to justify it under stipulation four.  So far, I have stood my ground, so we'll see!

Anyway, here's my Sophie's Garden, which currently sits daintily upon a card table only slightly larger than she is!
Ravelry Project