Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reverse the Curse Sox!

My brother is an avid Red Sox fan.  We were 7 and 13 when the Sox finally Reversed the Curse, beating out the Yankees for the pennant and going on to win the series (against the Cardinals) for the first time in 86 years.  We traded the Babe to the Yankees early in his career, and once there, he became an alcoholic with a failing marriage.  It was the curse of the Bambino (so the story goes), and we finally broke it in 2004.  What a year.

He couldn't have escaped, really.  There was no chance for him.

And so, as he runs off to college in chilly Michigan, I figured I would present him with some hand knit, warm, wool, reverse-Red-Sox socks.

(Note: I had this yarn already as part of a sock kit my parents got me for my birthday from Canada.  Hence to color reversal.)

This was a multi-layered project.  I first chose to use an afterthought heel in order to size them upon arrival.  I did a toe-up basic sock construction with corrugated ribbing for the cuff.  All I had to do was add a co-ordinating red heel.

And then he saw them.

He loved them, and thought they were soft and perfect.

Except the corrugated ribbing was way too tight and they ended up being much longer than I had intended.

I took them back with me to fix them up, and order more red yarn.  At which point I discovered they didn't do that color anymore.  Whoops.

Well, I figured that since I had to rip the ribbing out anyway and make the sock shorter, I would just make the ribbing the natural color and make the heel red.  I finished one up for him to try when we went back for the summer.

It was close, but not perfect, so I adjusted and copied.  The end results are in, and personally I think they look closer to the Red Sox logo than the originals!

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