Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stitch Markers into Progress Keepers!

I recently started attempting to keep track more carefully of what I knit every two weeks. I love doing this because it helps me in January. You see, in January, I sit down with Ravelry, and with sewing patterns, and I analyze how much time I have during the year, and decide exactly what everyone is getting for Christmas. The ability to know more accurately how much I knit per week, on average, is extremely helpful.
 Well, in order to keep track, I needed progress-keepers. But I only had one. That wasn't going to cut it. So one day, while I was stopping at Michael's to kill time before an appointment, I wandered into the bead section.
I ended up walking out with a purchase of some bronze gator clips and rings, some bronze ringed beads, and some silver gator clips. I attached the bronze clips and rings to one (or three) of the bronze beads (and a few I had on hand), and the silver gator clips to some old stitch markers that I had, but rarely used, because I prefer the non-dangly kind.

Wha-la! 15 progress keepers!