Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dishcloth Update (16)

This will be the last dishcloth update!  Hoorah!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to open these dishcloths with their intended recipients at the funeral of our beloved Grandma (more on that later).  It was wonderful to see the joy they brought to those who received them in remembrance of the the three Ladies in their Eighties, who have moved on.

Dishcloth Forty-Six
This project was knit out of the "Vintage Hankie" pattern (the third I've made), and used another border from my new Crochet Border book.  I love the result!  Classic, but versatile!
Ravelry Project
Ravelry Pattern: Vintage Hankie
Ravelry Pattern: Border

Dishcloth Forty-Seven
My second "Little Star" Dishcloth, this one used up some scraps of Persimmon and Baby-Yellow, and crocheted up nicely.
Ravelry Project
Ravelry Pattern

Dishcloth Forty-Eight
This "Clusters of Fall" dishcloth was a crocheted beauty that I loved to make, but I actually ended up running out of yellow with just a few more stitches left, so I pulled it out and re-did the whole yellow section with a tighter gauge, which made it pucker a tad bit, but left with with no yellow scraps, and multicolored cloth!
Ravelry Project
Ravelry Pattern