Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Travel Blanket: Wedding Block

I've recently finished all of the blocks for my Travel Blanket that I've needed to date (you can see my last post about it here).

Firstly, I finished the block that represents our wedding (not strictly a place or trip, but important enough to add)!

The pattern, Royal Romance, was easy to crochet, and fit well into the general form of the blanket, although this is by far the stretchiest and thinnest block we have.  I used a hook size larger than what it asked for, and the block was almost too big!

The yarn was some chocolate sock yarn I had left over from Dad's Double Helix Socks and a cream and gold weave I got at the local yarn store.  The combination was absolutely perfect!  The colors were creams, tans, and browns, (with gold accents) and all of the decorations had candles, which shimmered jut like this block does!

Tune in next time to see more about the other blocks I've done!

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