Friday, June 27, 2014

Travel Blanket: Boston Cobblestone Block

I've been continuing with my progress on my travel blanket, which I've decided to make more into a Family-Life Blanket (see my last post about the Worcester Woods block).

The next block made represents where I come from.  For those who don't know, I grew up right outside of Boston, and went to high school in Lexington, so I'm steeped in the heritage of the area.  As such, after much deliberation, I finally figured out what my block would be - cobblestones.

I used the Ballband Dishcloth pattern that I had used before, but I forgot to knit the first row of the bumps, so it ended up being a little flatter.  Ah well.  It still works, but I might re-do it.

Anyway, now that there are four blocks, I decided to go ahead and seam them together.  The seams pulled a little bit and shrunk the blocks, so again, I might re-do that, but here's a picture of the project so far!

As you can see, I left some holes in the spiral for some blocks I haven't done yet, but it's definitely coming along!

Ravelry Project: Boston Cobblestone Block
Ravelry Project: Blanket