Monday, June 23, 2014

Travel Blanket: Worcester Woods Block

If you've been following this blog for long, you know that I'm creating a travel blanket out of squares that represent each trip we take as a family.  You can click here to see where I've written about the Erie Canal and Bahama Cruise blocks.

Tree of Life Afghan
Well, after some reflection, I decided to start the blanket with two special blocks -- one to represent my childhood and where I grew up, and one to represent the same for my husband.  Well, since Randall was born first, his block is first chronologically.

My wonderful hubby grew up in the only house on a tiny dirt road in a little town in Middle-of-Nowhere Upstate New York.  His house backed up to a pond, followed by miles upon miles of forest, where he and his brother used to pine away their days.  And so when it came time for him to choose his pattern, he asked me to look for patterns with trees, which he then narrowed down to a tree set from the "Tree of Life Afghan", which you can see on the right.

This wasn't terribly hard to do, and once he had chosen a nice pine-toned yarn for the block, I knit it up in just a day or two.  I also have been adding a row of single-crochet stitching around the edges of each block in all black, which I have been using to seam together all of the blocks.  Since some are knit, some are crochet, and they all have different patterns, this seemed like the best option.

Ravelry Project: Worcester Woods Block
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