Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Travel Blanket: Bahama Cruise Block

Finding a monkey in our suite after a formal dinner.
Previously, I posted about my decision to make a travel blanket of yarn from different trips, including my Erie Canal Block.

Well, I have made the second one!  This one represents our honeymoon on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Of course, it's nigh impossible to find a quaint yarn shop in Tourist City, Bahamas, and so, after the advice of a few friends, decided to spring for a representative hank from elsewhere.  It is, after all, our honeymoon.  And it really was a nice one, despite the cold weather and several days at sea without much to do.

I decided on Handmaiden's Double Sea Silk, made from 30% Seacell (which is based on Seaweed) and 70% Silk, from in the colorway of "Ocean."

I'm hoping all of my vacations don't end up having to do with water, because I'm running out of water-based patterns, but for this one I decided on the "Ocean Waves" pattern on Ravelry, a crochet block, and nearly doubled the starting size.  I absolutely love the result, though.  A beautiful wavy look with a fantastical texture, the fabric nearly falls over your hand the way a wave might.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Ravelry Pattern: Block
Ravelry Project: Block
Ravelry Project: Blanket