Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knit and Crochet: Page Post

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One of the ways that I, personally, strive toward simplicity is by stopping to think.

A recent study has showed that knitting is healthy for your brain. 
The effect is similar to meditation, which has a multitude of beneficial results, as well as producing a show of dopamine every time you pick a project, finish a project, or use a project you've finished (or, by extension, see someone using a product you've finished).

I stop and think when I knit.  I relax.  I create.

And I help myself to stay away from consumerism, which is a major stressor.

Knitting and crocheting help me be productive on the bus.  They help me shut my brain off, if they're simple, or invest in creation, when they're more complex.

Find someone to teach you.  It's worth it.

(Seen on Page Only: Here's a catalog of the knitted and crocheted projects on this blog:)