Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gifts of Love: Beaded Earrings (PATTERN)

This post centers on the third pair of earrings I made for a friend I had overlooked. (See the first and second.)  This pair is based on Moira Crochet's Teardrop Earring #5, with a few small additions in order to add the beads to the edges.

I will be posting my additions only here, so please go check out Moira's page for the base pattern!

You will need:

  • Three spools of thread. For my pair of earrings, I used two threads of light blue cotton thread (because that's what I had) and one thread of black polyester thread and crocheted them all as one strand.
  • Two fish hooks, kidney wires, or other earring attachment.
  • 20 Beads
  • Moira's original pattern.

STEP 1: String the beads onto your threads.  This is so important.  You will not be able to get them on once you have started the motif, so put all that you need, or even more, onto your strand at the very beginning.  Remember, since we are using three threads as one strand, you need to put the beads over all three threads.

STEP 2: Follow Moira's instructions here for set up and Rounds One and Two.  The beads don't come in until the very end, so just continue to push them down your strand so that you have room to continue crocheting.

STEP 3: Follow the instructions below in place of Moira's Round Three.

Chained beads, from
  1. 4 sc into ch-4 space, slip stitch into slip-stitched sc
  2. 2 sc into ch-4 space.  (Then, push your first bead up RIGHT next to the previous sc.  Now, chain one, but make sure that you grab yarn that is beyond the bead.  On the right, I have added a picture of beads crocheted into a chain.  Your bead should look like this.  You have now added a bead.) 2 sc into same ch-4 space.  Slip stitch into slip-stitched sc.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 once more
  4. 5 sc into ch-5 space, slip stitch into slip-stitched sc
  5. 3 sc into ch-5 space, add bead as before, 3 sc into same ch-5 space.  Slip stitch into slip-stitched sc.
  6. Repeat step 5 three times (4 in total)
  7. Repeat step 4
  8. Repeat step 2
  9. Repeat step 1
  10. Repeat step 2
  11. Repeat step 1
  12. Repeat step 2
  13. Repeat step 1 three times
  14. Repeat step 2, fasten off.
Hope you like it!  Let me know how it goes!