Friday, April 18, 2014

Doily-mobile Earrings (and Snowflakes)

My mom, she has a thing for doilies.  When we lived in Switzerland, she found these elongated doilies on sale and bought five, even though she had little to no use for them.  One ended up becoming the tablecloth for my American Girl Doll Felicity (who sadly does not exist anymore).

The other four, she put as antimacassars in her forest green mom van.

She was a leader at our church youth group, and so that van constantly had a stream of teenagers going in and out of it, to retreats, plays, or just dinner out.  It wasn't long before it became known as "The Doily-mobile."

To the day, we make jokes about it.  The van is long-gone and the doilies have disappeared somewhere, but the comments still come.  It has become somewhat of an icon in our circle of family and friends.

And so, when I saw this wonderful pattern for Doily Earrings, and knew that my mother's birthday was coming up, I couldn't resist.

I also made a pair of Snowflake Earrings, knowing that those would be much more wearable, and that the Doily Earrings were more of a gag gift.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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