Monday, April 7, 2014

Homemade Composter!

As part of my effort to live more simply, I have started the adventure of owning my own worm colony!

I hear the questions already. How in the world is that simple?

Simplicity means not having to worry about the trash as much.  It means not having to walk across down dragging a wire cart to get a bag of soil for your three potted plants that you'll only use a quarter of.  It means having everything you need, and being able to get it within your own power.  It means buying less.

I throw all my food trash (except for dairy or meat) in the bucket at night, and I am left without having to worry if the trash will rot or if I need to take it out before it's full.

I throw all my papers that need to be shredded in the bucket and let the worms turn them into dirt.  I don't have to worry about shredding them by hand and throwing them out at different dates.

I know that I am doing my part to minimize landfills, and so I sleep easier at night.

When I need fertilizer for my plants, I take some leachate from the bottom bucket, which is right on hand when I need it.

When I need dirt, there's handfuls of it right in the bucket for me to grab.

It doesn't look glamorous, but I don't mind.  My head it much clearer.  It's just another step toward peace.

For anyone interested in making their own bucket, I followed this tutorial for two 5-gallon buckets, and it has been working wonderfully for almost two months now.  (Yes, I did wait to make sure I didn't get pests or smell before posting, and I haven't gotten either!)