Monday, April 14, 2014

Gifts of Love: Purple Earrings

Those of you that have been following along know that I made gifts for all of our wedding party.

You may also have noticed that I made five Bridesmaids Shawls, but seven Groomsmen's Beerds.

There were five groomsmen and two close male friends who were practically groomsmen.

Randall asked me to make two for them as tokens of his appreciation of their friendships.  I did, of course.
And that got me thinking...there was one friend I really should have included as well, but due to some drama, never did.  But I also knew she would never wear a shawl.

However, last summer, she had found it absolutely enthralling that there were earring patterns on Ravelry, and anyone who knows her knows she's an earring gal, so I whipped her up three pairs and sent them off.

Here's the first, a beautiful deep purple, her favorite color, and based on her favorite earring pattern from last summer.

What do you think?