Friday, June 6, 2014

Sewing Room Re-vamp

Here's a quick interlude from the series about pillowcase dresses.  We shall resume on Monday!

Having recently moved to the Bay Area, and having been home-hopping before, I am not exactly the most well equipped person.  I brought all my crafting supplies with me (thankfully!), but they didn't always have a convenient place to go.

In fact, I started by sewing on the bed, and then I moved my sewing machine to a stack of old boxes left over from the moving process.  As yo can see, this wasn't exactly the best situation.  Every time I sewed, the boxes bounced, and they were slowly collapsing on themselves.

Thankfully, I have an amazing friend who had an amazing table she was trying to get rid of (it was part of her wedding decor, so she didn't want to give it to just anyone).  The table even matched our bedspreads, and with our bed just left of the picture frame, that was a bonus!

So now, thanks to Jenny, my sewing corner is much more polished!  Now, for an entire room...