Monday, June 16, 2014

Dishcloth Update (3)

You all know by now about Aunt Vi's Yarn, and the six dishcloths I've made so far.  Well, here's an update on the next three!

Dishcloth 7
This was a pretty basic dishcloth.  The pattern is as follows:

  1. (knit 2, purl 2) to end
  2. repeat row 1
  3. (purl 2, knit 2) to end
  4. repeat row 3
  5. repeat rows 1-4 until desired length

Dishcloth 8
I found a rather delightful pattern called the Textured V-Stitch Dishcloth on Ravelry, which I used for this dishcloth.  I like the result, though (as you can see) I decided to do it again in another color.

Dishcloth 9
This is another version of the Textured V-Stitch Dishcloth.  Up until now, I had been using only the light teal yarn from Aunt Vi, because I had a lot of it, and I wanted to use the others sparingly to make them spread over more dishcloths.  This time, I broke in the Persimmon yarn.  I love it!

I'll keep you updated as I keep pumping out dishcloths!  The goal is 50.  Only 41 to go!

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