Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dishcloth Update (4)

Here comes the fourth update in a long line of dishcloth updates (eventually, I believe there will be 17).

Dishcloth 10

This dishcloth uses the Gentle Ridges pattern, with the body in light teal and the border in persimmon.  I'm plowing through the yarns, so I'm trying to keep the color ratio pretty even.  This was another crochet pattern.

Ravelry Project

Dishcloth 11

This pattern was knit using "Nai-nai's Favorite" pattern, and used only the light teal.

Ravelry Project

Dishcloth 12

This was made because I LOVED the "Wool Eater Blanket" pattern, and wanted to adapt it to a dishcloth.  It was barely too big to do a third row, so it didn't end up looking that wonderful, but hey, it works!

Ravelry Project

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