Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Car Cup Holders

I continued with my "Cold Sheep" pledge, and began work on a few over-due projects, but while I was waiting for yarn to come in (don't worry, it fell into exception one!), I whipped up another quick acrylic stash-buster, and made my car some cup-holders.

Unfortunately, I had been thinking of my old car, Oswaldo the Death-Trap, who was my first car-love and my home on far too many long road trips.  The Death-Trap didn't have cup holders in the back (or, you know, much of anything, either), and I always piled friends in and drove way farther than I should have, so I felt the need!

My new car, as it turns out I had forgotten, has cup holders in the back door arms, and has a fold down central arm rest with cup holders.  Oh well.  I'll save it for next time.

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