Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chad Lake Scarf

Starting as soon as my Christmas Skirt was done, I dove in to the other yarns that I purchased at the Article Pract closing sale, including some great lace-weight yarn that I used to whip up the Rock Island Shawl.

And I ran out.

This, as you can surmise, was the reason for the first rule of going Cold Sheep - purchasing yarn to finish a project is acceptable.  So I did, and it took a while to come in, but luckily it came in just in time for Stitches (more on that later).

I absolutely love it!  Love love love!  The pattern was confusing at first, but really quickly became something I could conceptually follow without really even having to look at it.  It's great as a scarf hanging off the neck, and as a shawl, it will be amazing in the summer on the beach, with my family.

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