Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baby Slippers (& Headband)

 Last week, I posted about the slippers I made for my lovely roommate when we first moved in.  Well, it's been almost two years since then, and right about now that lovely lady will be giving birth to her first baby, a little girl, and I can't wait to welcome her into the world.

Right now, Cindy lives quite far away, so I wanted to present her with something that would ship well, but also show love.  And then it hit me.

Of course.  Slippers!

After much deliberation, I decided on a baby-slipper crochet pattern that was vaguely similar to the one I had made for Momma two years before, and whipped it up so I could get it out in the mail.

But they were so tiny.  And small.  It needed something more.

After some more searching, I found a headband pattern that matched (enough).  After swapping out the flowers so they all matched, I packaged them up to ship off to the lovely new gal!

I hope she likes them!  And I hope they fit!  Everything always seems smaller than it should be when I make baby sizes...

Ravelry Project: Booties
Ravelry Project: Headband