Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Linen Skirt

Unfinished Skirt at Stitches
This skirt is not actually made out of Linen yarn, nor does it use the Linen stitch, but it feels like Linen to me, and I like the name and texture, so it stuck.

I started this skirt back in October, after I got some yarn from Nicole in exchange for dog-sitting.  Following the Carnaby Skirt pattern, which is gorgeous, and I had been looking for an excuse to make a similar skirt, and here was this lovely yarn!

I added 4 stitches to the skirt to increase the length by one box-stitch repeat, and did 17 repeats of the pleats, but when I blocked it, it ended up being 6-8 inches too long around the waist.

I tried to fix this by only attaching one button, hoping that it would curve out and work well.  It didn't, but I wore it to the second day of Stitches WEST anyway, because I could, but never wore it again.

Until recently!

With the advice I got from my SnB-ers at Stitches, I decided to add some extra single-crochet rounds to the top to make it fit better.  The pattern had already called for two, so on going back, I started with the third, in which I did a single-crochet-2-together stitch in the center of each pleat.

I followed this with another single-crochet only band.  Then, on the next row, I did a single-crochet-2-together at each end, and also did a chain-1 and skipped a stitch to make an extra button-hole.  Ending on another single-crochet only band, I added the buttons, and I absolutely love the result.  Fits beautifully!

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