Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Soft Slippers

Almost two year ago, now, when I moved in to my apartment in the heart of the Inner-City for the last bit of my formal education, my roommate and I began a great relationship.  We had known each other casually before moving in, and had a mutual friend who was to take the third bedroom, but she bailed, and we began a semester where we had far too much space, far too many police calls, and outrageous heat bills, and lots of fun.

That first week, when we were settling in and waiting for the real work to start, I was (as I am now) trying to use up my yarn stash.  I had recently completed all of my bridesmaids shawls, wasn't sure yet what to make for everyone else, and saw a cute slipper pattern on ravelry, so I whipped up a pair for Cindy.

Originally, I had intended to make one for myself as well, but life soon got in the way, and I worked furiously on other projects for the wedding, and never quite got back around to it.

The other day, I asked Cindy to snap me a few pictures of the slippers, which she gladly did, and I decided to post about them.  Don't worry, you'll understand the sudden relevance next week!

Ravelry Project