Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mom's Slippers

We are now officially into Christmas gifts. Be forewarned. This will last until the summer, and you will understand why I had so much trouble posting this year.

My mom always has cold feet. Always. And so this year, I knit her a pair of slippers from my stash, going almost entirely Cold Sheep, and I LOVE them!

I was able to gift them on this Christmas, and thankfully, Mom loves them as much as I do!

I altered the pattern to be knit in the round, and so I worked 16 rows after the cable round before shortening it at the heel (on the medium size). I knit another full row (ie half knit half purl) afterwards. Then, I bound off. I was aiming for somewhere between a medium and a large size.

And guess what? She absolutely loved them! I added soles when I tried them on her feet at Christmas, and she couldn't get enough!

She said her ankles always get cold, so she'll keep the cuffs up.

I'm so glad to see her enjoying them!

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