Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hacky Sack - Out of Yarn

Today I present to you four of the hacky-sacks that I made for Christmas this year. These were made using Audrey Bochantin's Pattern "Out Of Yarn," a very cute cube-styled pattern, which is knit, and quite quick to work up. 

The first time I did this pattern, it was in April, using Red-Heart scraps, for Elizabeth Pe. Her color preferences were "blue, purple, green, ocean colors or spring colors."

The next was made in September, using KnitPicks Brava, for Erica. Her color preferences were "Purple, burgundy, orange, red, teal, brown, gray, black, white, and cream."

Ravelry Project: Erica

Isaac's was made in October, using a mix of Red-Heart and Brava. His color preferences were "I like pretty much any other color besides neon colors and pinks."

Ravelry Project: Isaac

And finally, this last beige beauty was created in November, as part of my effort to make sure I had extras in case some other people showed up! This was knit with Red-Heart scraps. Since it was an extra, there weren't any color preferences.

Ravelry Project: E4