Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hacky Sack - Woven Balls

These were knit based on the Gevlochten Bal pattern posted by Marleen Hartog on Ravelry. I used a variety of scraps and needles to create these.

First up, we have Elliott's Hacky Sack, completed in June and made from Brava scraps. He liked "Forest Green, Gold, Royal Blue, and Red," so this seemed right.

Secondly, Mom's was knit with Brava scraps, and a little Red Heart. It was completed in September, and she didn't have a favorite color, but I happen to know she liked spring colors.

Ravelry Project: Abbey

Finally, we have Robert's, which was also completed in September, and was made from Brava and Red Heart scraps. He liked black and blue, so - voila!

Ravelry Project: Robert