Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hacky Sack - Polyhedral Balls

Next up we have the Polyhedral Balls, which were taken from a Planet June Pattern, Polyhedral Balls. I chose to do three different versions of the pattern, and I decreased the hook size to make them a bit smaller.

First up, an Octohedral Ball made for Carrie which was completed in June. I used Red Heart pink scraps, and Brava gray scraps. Since she liked Pink and Silver, this seemed like a good match.

Ravelry Project: Carrie
Second, we have a Dodechahedral, which was made for Uncle Andy P, who liked bold blues. I used a variety of blue scraps, and added in a binding red for contrast, and completed it in October.

Ravelry Project: AKP
Finally, a Tetrahedron ball was made for Alex, who said he liked all colors. I finished this in October, after choosing a primary color palette with accents of white and black.

Ravelry Project: Alex