Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hacky Sack - Garter Rib

These balls came from the Amusing Knitted Balls pattern, written by Martha Marques. I played around with needles sizes and pattern sizes, finding that in general, I knit them up smaller than the pattern said, but I really loved the pattern, and it was a quick knit.
Keith's was made first, and was completed in July. He liked "Matte black, blood red, and British racing green."
Ravelry Project: Keith
Next up, we have one for Grace, who liked Purple, bold red, and winter colors. Hers came together nicely, I think, as a nice complement to Keith's, and was also completed in July.
Ravelry Project: Grace
Aunt Leigh is third, and she liked "Plum, Black, Charcoal, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Coke Bottle Green, Taupe, and Burgundy," and so for this one I went with a burgundy outside and closest I could find to coke bottle green accent inside a white backdrop. I finished it in September.
Ravelry Project: Leigh
Finally, we have another extra, knit up with some pink scraps, and finished in November.

Ravelry Project: E2