Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hacky Sack - Christmas Ball

These hacky-sacks were made following the Christmas Ball pattern from ATERGCrochet on Etsy.

I made a modification in round 9 - instead of doing separately and then seaming together, I simply treated it like the join, working single-crochets through both pieces of fabric.

These took only an hour or two to work up, which was a great relief after some of the longer projects!

First, I made Kristine's from Brava scraps. She said she liked fall colors, so this is the one I made for her. It was completed in August.

Ravelry Project: Kristine


Whitsun's was next, and he said he liked Black and White, as well as red, so this was a perfect decision for him. I finished it in September.

Ravelry Project: Whitsun


Heidi's was created in September, when she said she liked blue and white.

Ravelry Project: Heidi


This extra one was finished in September, using Brava scraps.

Ravelry Project: E7