Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hacky Sack - Granny Square

This is a pattern that I made myself, and so I'll write this one in two posts. First up, lets showcase the hackysacks! I'm classing them granny square hacky sacks, and they were one of my favorites.
Garrett's was first, completed in August, and made from Brava scraps. He requested blue and gray, so this one worked out for him. I chose to do one side in each color combination, so each side is different.
Ravelry Project: Garrett
Second, I made Aunt Becky's, and she liked "Eggplant purple, cobalt blue, lime green, and bold colors." Instead of making each side different, I chose to do all six sides with a green center, so four of them have burgundy followed by eggplant, and two have eggplant followed by burgundy. This one was done in September.
Ravelry Project: Becky
Next up is Sami, who said she liked red and green, and so hers, completed in September, came out fairly Christmas-y. Again, I chose to keep all the centers red to match with the binding, but this time, I decided to make all the squares the same.
Ravelry Project: Sami
Finally, I made an extra with this pattern, and used a fire-schema. Each side is different, following the same pattern as Garrett's, and bound in gray. This one was completed in November.

Ravelry Project: E6