Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hacky Sack - Easy Peasy Baby Ball

Another one of the patterns I used for this project was the Easy Peasy Baby Ball by A la Sascha. I absolutely love this one, and though I adapted the pattern a few times by adding rows or changing needle sizes, it was still one of my favorites.
Dad's was first, and his selected color was blue. For a man known for wearing only blue for years of his life, this was not a surprising choice, and I striped his ball accordingly, with two of his favorite shades. This one was completed in September.

Ravelry Project: Gary
Aunt Jody requested red, green, and blue, so this stripey duet seemed perfect. Hers was completed in September as well.

Ravelry Project: Jody
Also a September ball, this one was for Elizabeth S, and she liked the colors green and grey, so hers was the perfect excuse to use up some scraps. I am particularly proud of this one because I only had a few yards of the light green left, and I was able to use it up almost perfectly, with less than 10 inches to spare.

Ravelry Project: Elizabeth S
Finally, I made one more as an extra, and quite frankly this might be my absolute favorite of all the balls I made. This one was finished in November and just might end up in my classroom.

Ravelry Project: E1