Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hacky Sack - Kids' Puzzle Balls

And here we are - we've reached the end of the Christmas posts! This'll be the last one!

Today I present to you the hackysacks I made for the kiddos - they're all puzzle balls! Each one uses a different pattern, but they all come apart in a series of puzzles.
First, I made one for Owen using Dedri Uys's Mini Crochet Amish Ball pattern. Owen liked green, so I used a variety of green scraps for the inside, and made the edging in yellow. 
This one was completed in June.

Ravelry Project: Owen
Second was Ellie's flower ball, and this one was an adapted version of another one of Dedri's patterns, the Flower Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball. I adapted the pattern to try to make the ball smaller, and so the flowers only contained one row in the center, and the outside DCs were HDCs. I adapted the wedges accordingly, and though it worked, it still wasn't quite as small as I had hoped.
Ellie liked blue, but I also knew she really liked flowers, so this was a perfect fit for her, and I finished it in July.

Ravelry Project: Ellie
Third was Caleb, a kiddo who liked red, so I simply turned Dedri's Crochet Pumpkin Segment Ball into an Apple segment ball for a delightful finished product, completed in October.
And finally, last but not least, I've got a Spikey Star ball for Grayson, whose preferences I never got, so I just made him a rainbow of color using an adapted version of Dedri's Crochet Star Ball. I simply made each of the wedges about half the size, and the end result works great, though it does tend to bulge in the center.
The best part is that all the rings are completely reversible, so he can decide which side he wants out!

Ravelry Project: Grayson

Stay tuned next week for the first non-Christmas post since December!

(Oh, and in case you were curious, yes, these are the same EllieOwen, Grayson, and Caleb as the quilt recipients!)