Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hacky Sack - Fuzzy Bobble

A few of the Hackysacks I made were essentially pattern-less, in an effort to let the yarn speak for itself, and I present them to you today!

Peter's, which was finished in September, used a fuzzy blue yarn. Unfortunately, the fuzz didn't really show through in the final project, but I chose to make just a plain sphere in order to highlight it. 

Uncle Andy S requested purple and green, so knowing that I had this yarn, it was really a no-brainer. I worked another simple sphere, but after the boring results I got from Peter's, I decided to add a few bobbles haphazardly. When I finished it in October, I decided it had worked.

Ravelry Project: Quog
Finally, we have my hackysack. I chose a green fuzzy scrap for mine, and somehow mine came out much fuzzier than Peter's - go figure. Anyway, I finished in October, and packed it up with the others.

Ravelry Project: Lily