Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Shortly after Christmas, one of the knitting forums I'm a part of on Ravelry was doing a shawl knit-a-long, and one of the patterns that was suggested was "Reyna" by Noora Laivola. Now, they didn't actually end up using that pattern as a main pattern, but I still participated (just not for prizes), because it was a pattern made for self-striping yarn, and boy did I have a lot of that.
I used a Socks that Rock Lightweight skein that I had inherited from a lovely friend that was moving and didn't want to move all her yarn, and I love they way it turned out. However, as you may know, Socks that Rock Lightweight is still an extremely heavy fingering blend, and despite the fact that it's a 115g skein, it doesn't have nearly the yardage usual sock yarn skeins do. I had to leave off the last 4 rows of eyelets on the bottom of the pattern, and the shawl ended up being more of a neckerchief. However, with a shawl pin, I can still make it work.
This project also marks my first ever serious knitting injury. I spent over 12 hours knitting this straight one Saturday, a feat which is not unknown to me, but I've never done it before with bigger needles and heavier project, and I strained my left wrist to the point of needing to stop knitting for over a week, and then monitor the progress due to pain.
I sure learned my lesson.

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