Thursday, July 28, 2016

SM2 - Rose and Thorn Socks

Round Two of Sock Madness was the first competition round. So, after completing the Qualifying Round, and giving some background to the organizers, participants are sorted into "teams" of about 50 people. In theory, all the members of your team should knit at roughly the same speed, factoring in life situations as well as actual knitting time.

Then the pattern for round two drops. As with all the other patterns, you must knit the socks to be a minimum of 9" long, and follow various minimums in the pattern. However, on this one, only the first 40 people on your team make it to round three. You also have a minimum of two weeks to complete the pair, meaning even if there are five spots left on your team, the cutoff is two weeks.
Spoiler alert: I made it to Round Three!
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