Thursday, February 20, 2014

Musician Baskets

Pattern Example
Previously, I wrote about the knit shawls for my lovely lady bridesmaids and my subsequent decision to make Cootie Catchers for my Girls.  Today, I'm going to write about the pattern I found for the musicians: Monogrammed Baskets!  They are all either newly married couples or college kids or both, and in need of storage, with little room.  These baskets were handmade and fit in little nooks and crannies to hold little trinkets.

Eric's Basket
I found this pattern on Ravelry.  I asked each of my musicians what their favorite colors were, and attempted to create a nice little basket for them each.

For Eric, the interlude/exterludist and the husband of one of my bridesmaids, whose favorite colors were green and blue, I made a dark blue basket with light blue, lime green, and pale green embellishents.  The light blue circle on the outside is a pocket.  I used the initial "A" because Eric and Hannah only recently got married, and their last name is Andersen, so I figured it would be nice to have a family basket.

Elizabeth's Basket
For Elizabeth, I was conflicted.  I've always called her Liz, but she usually goes by Elizabeth, her middle name, and her first name is Mary.  What to do?  I was also having some trouble with the colors because she asked for Purple and Yellow.  I was running out of nice combinations for the pocket and initial, and was conflicted on the initial itself.  So, I simply used all three initials, and made the E a little bigger cause she goes by that name.
Cami and Tyrell's Baskets

Cami and Tyrell, a married couple, said they liked brown and gold, so I combined the colors for each of them, and made Cami's more gold because that was her favorite color and Tyrell's more brown for the same reasons.  I added a little green and tan to add some extra color, and wha-la!

All in all, I was really happy with how these came out!
Has any one else tried these?  Any other baskets?  Thoughts?

Ravelry Pattern
Eric's Ravelry Project
Elizabeth's Ravelry Project
Cami's Ravelry Project
Tyrell's Ravelry Project

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