Friday, February 28, 2014

Accidental Socks

A while back, I decided I was going to make socks for my fiance (now husband).  He is constantly running holes into his and I was in a sock-making mood.

Well, I tried to adapt a pattern to fit his foot, but it wouldn't go over his heel.  He has bony, bony heels, and they protrude far from his ankles, and no matter what I tried I was out of luck.

So, after much agony, I finally decided that I would just have an extra pair of socks for myself that were a little too big and my husband's favorite color!

A few comments on the pattern: I used some sock yarn from Jo-Ann's that didn't really work with this pattern.  The striping wasn't profound enough, and so the dew drops looked a bit strange.  The pattern was pretty straightforward, though, and fun to knit.  I would just use a better quality yarn!

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