Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Socks for my Man

Last time, I told you about how I tried to make socks for my husband, but they didn't work.  Well, after we got married, I was in a strange predicament.

We got married December 21st, went on our honeymoon, and moved across the country December 29th.  Then, we waited until February first for the rest of our stuff to arrive in shifts.  During that time, my yarn was en route, so I skidaddled down to the local yarn store and got some super soft sock yarn to try again.  This time, I used a pattern that was specifically for men instead of trying to adapt my own.

It worked (mostly...they really don't fit across his legs...but that's okay)!  He loves them!

Here's the best part: My husband goes through socks like most people go through tissues; they wear thin almost instantly and within a month they have holes the size of quarters.  Right now, he has at least three pairs of socks with holes the size of my fist in the heel and the toe on each sock!  and he only has seven pairs total!

But he won't throw them out!  He says they still work as long as his foot doesn't fall out!  Hah!  As if!

So we made a deal.  Once he has ten pairs of socks, I can toss one pair for every pair I make.  Begin the sock-fest!

I'm hoping his feet wear through these ones slower!  We'll see!

Has anyone else dealt with this?  Do hand-made socks slow down the wear process?  Let me know!

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