Friday, March 14, 2014

Bartering: A Hat and Mittens for WiFi

Previously, I posted about how I became an unexpected vagrant over the past year.  As part of that adventure, I lived with a good friend in a sparse, ghetto apartment for six months during our final semester of college.

Well, due to the fact that it was only six months, we were unable to get any sort of internet, which we both desperately needed during this semester.

However, we were saved by wonderful, kind neighbors, who generously gave us their wifi password.  We tried to help them with the bills, but they wouldn't hear of it, and only accepted payments in the form of cookies, and only when we initiated.

Well, just a few weeks before we were due to move out (and, for both of us, graduate, move across the country, and for me, get married), one of these lovely neighbors mentioned the fact that I knitted.  Cold as it was, we stood outside and had a quick conversation about it, which ended in a question.

"Would you make my granddaughter a hat and gloves or something?  I know she would love it."

How could I say no?

There was only one problem.  As you've been reading, I was in the process of making five Bridesmaids Shawls, three Flower Girl Cootie Catchers (and fortunes!), four Musician's Baskets, and five Groomsmen's Beerds (description to come).  I was swamped!

So, here I am, after graduating, hosting fourteen people for a week, getting married, moving, dealing with legal bureaucracies, and moving again, finally getting down to this gift!  Hopefully she'll still like it this year!

I decided to go with cables, since I wanted it to have a nice, knitted feel.  I also wanted to use chunky yarn because it's super cold in Rochester, and it's also a much faster knit!  (After a string of socks and beerds, it was a welcome change!)

First, I settled on An Unoriginal Hat for the hat.  It came out well.

Then, I went for the Completely Unoriginal Unoriginal Mittens to go with it.  For these, I decided to just do a loose bind-off after the cabling and skip the ribbing, since it was for a 9-12 year old, after all.

Then, I decided to add a scarf into the mix.  Stay tuned to see the pattern I wrote!