Saturday, March 22, 2014

Problem Solving: Card Holder

I live in the Bay Area now.  This is a place where public transportation is the method of transport, especially for young couples like us who don't have cars.  There's also this wonderful system in the Bay Area called the Clipper Card.

The Clipper Card is similar to other systems, such as the Charlie Card in my hometown of Boston (shout out!).  Basically, you load cash onto the card, and then when you get on a bus, train or trolley, you tap the card and your fee is automatically deducted.  Often, such as in the case of the bus or the trolley, it's a flat rate, but sometimes, such as on the BART trains, you scan again when you exit, since the price changes depending on how far you go.

I had a problem, though, which is that I always left my Clipper Card at home.  Always.  It was either in the wrong bag, or on the front table, or it had fallen out of my coat pocket.  Every system that I tried had flaws.

Then, I realized that I never forgot my keys.  I would always need them to get back in the complex.  And so I found a little scrap of sock weight yarn, did some quick double crochets with a bigger hook, and stretched it over the card and through a keychain.  Ta-da!

It looks pretty ugly, but it's functional.  I used exactly the scrap I had and whipped it up in less than ten minutes.  I'll probably make something a little more beautiful later on, but for now, this is the perfect solution!

Have you ever made anything similar? How do you suggest I keep my Clipper Card handy?  Does anyone have an reccomendations?