Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soap Cozy 2

Previously, I wrote about the Soap Cozy I made for myself in lieu of a washcloth.  As promised, I have come to report.  It works very well!  Except for the part where I left it at my parents house in Boston when I moved out here.

Well, lucky for me, last summer my hubby-to-be was really upset about leaving for California by himself.   I lovingly knit him one of his own to send his way as a surprise and to help him feel more at home in this strange new land.

I picked dark blue because it matched the towels he loved and took with him, and filled it with home-made soap.

I learned from my last one, though!  I made this one bigger so the soap could fit inside more easily, though it's still a hassle.  With my first one, I have to break the soap into slivers to slide it in now that the i-cord is fastened, and so with this one I almost doubled the width.  Overall, it still works well and gets the job done.

PS: No dying in my sleep of bacteria, though I do make a point to let it dry out and to wash it between bars of soap.

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