Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tardis Netbook Cover: Because there's more room on the inside! (PATTERN)

A few years ago, I was running out of ideas for what to make my hubby (then boyfriend) for his birthday.  He hates things that aren't practical or use-able, and he's really not into hats, scarves, or mittens.  But that man, he loves his technology and his Doctor Who, so when I stumbled across this pattern for a Tardis Phone Case, I knew I had to make it.

The only problem?  He didn't have a smart phone.  He did, however, have a netbook, which, through a misunderstanding on ebay, was a baby purple that he wasn't so fond of, so I adapted the pattern to fit his netbook and, voila, here's the result!

Here is the adapted pattern:


  • Aran weight blue, white, and black yarns (I used RedHeart brand)
  • size 4 double-pointed needles
  • darning needle
  • shiny button

Cast on 80 stitches with blue
Rows 1-7: (blue) k1, p1 to end
Row 8-13: (black) knit
Cut off black.
Row 14: (blue) knit

Row 15: (blue) *p4, {k4, p2} twice, k4.  Repeat from * 4 times.
Row 16: *(blue) k4, {(white) k4, (blue) k2} twice, (white) k4.  Repeat from * 4 times.
Row 17: *(blue) p4, {(white) k4, (blue) p2} twice, (white) k4.  Repeat from * 4 times.
Rows 18-21: Repeat rows 16 and 17.
Row 22: (blue) knit
Rows 23-28: Repeat rows 16 and 17.
Row 29: Repeat row 16.
Cut off white.  Everything is in blue from here on out.

Rows 30, 32: purl
Rows 31, 33: knit
Row 34: {p4, k16} repeat 4 times
Row 35: knit
Rows 36-51: Repeat rows 34 and 35

Rows 52-95: Repeat rows 30-51 twice more.

Rows 96, 98, 100, 102: purl
Rows 97, 99, 101, 103: knit

Graft the ends together.  Tie ends away.  Add the shiny button and button loop for closure/as a light.
Optional: Stitch the words "Police Box" to the black strip.

Thoughts?  Please let me know if this is incorrect in any way!

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