Monday, August 4, 2014

Becca Shawl

I got engaged.  I made the wedding party gifts. I got married.

My husband and I both realized that we had good friends we wanted to thank for basically being our "unofficial attendants."

The groomsmen were easy.  I made two extra BEERds for the gentlemen in question.

The bridesmaids, not as much.  I had made them shawls, and I knew that realistically, the first lovely lady would never wear a shawl.  So instead, I made her a series of earrings (totally up her alley).

This second lady, though.  She would wear a shawl.  But I didn't want to make her another one just like the bridesmaids.  I have a strict list of projects that I'm working on, and I'm only allowed to buy more one I finish a few, so by the time that I got around to purchasing the yarn for this shawl, it was too late to really make her an identical shawl, and I wanted to give her something personal, anyway.

I also had recently gotten all four Jane Austen Knits magazines from my husband.  Ergo, I found the perfect shawl, for a lovely lady who appreciates that style as much as I do, and found just the perfect yarn on knitpicks.  And here is the finished project, my friends.  What do you think?

I sent it out last week, so lets hope she gets it before she reads this!