Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travel Blanket: Boston Cobblestone Block (Take 2)

As I wrote previously, I made a Cobblestone-themed block to represent where I come from - Boston - in our family travel blanket.  I also mentioned that I would probably end up frogging the whole thing.

And I did.

So here's the update of the block.  I used the same pattern as before, I just actually used it correctly this time, and I love the results!

When I looked at it at first, it was very oblong, so I decided to block it, trying to make the cobblestone ridges stay more in place, before I added the single crochet around the edge.  It worked so well, that I actually undid all the edging on all of the other blocks, blocked them, and re-did the edging.

I made one more change before I put them all back together: I decided to use a braid join.  Previously, the single-crochet edging had pulled at the blocks and made them pucker as they tried to line up with each other, so I did some research on different kinds of crochet-joins, and decided to go with the Flat Braid Join to give the squares some breathing room, and I love the results!

What do you think?

(Oh, and you can see that I attached the Roberts "R" Block as well.)

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