Friday, July 18, 2014

Dishcloth Update (6)

Yet another update! :)

Dishcloth Sixteen

This dishcloth was crocheted using a Pot-holder pattern called Stir Me Up Potholders.  I like the spiral, but it's not particularly bumpy or good for dishclothing!

Ravelry Project

Dishcloth Seventeen

I really like the simplicity in this design and the quirkiness is brings.  This crochet pattern is called Scrap Ripple Cloth, true to its looks, and came out pretty well indeed.

Ravelry Project

Dishcloth Eighteen

This last crocheted dishcloth used a pattern called Apache Tears, which really was pretty unique.  I like the result, but I worry about the fringes coming apart during use.

Ravelry Project

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