Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dishcloth Update (11)

Since I'm planning to get up to at least 50, and more if the yarn lasts, you'll see quite a few more updates like this one...

Dishcloth Thirty-One

I purchased a set of four "reversible" dishcloth patterns from, and this is my first attempt at one of those.  I used "the Big X" pattern and knit it in just a few hours.  I'm pretty happy with it over all.

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Dishcloth Thirty-Two

This is another crochet flower, and it ended up much smaller than I anticipated.  I suppose that's okay, though, because I'm starting to worry about running out of yarn.  I do like the result.

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Dishcloth Thirty-Three

Knit with a crochet border, I actually recently purchased a book of crochet borders (there's that birthday money again!) which I love, and I decided to change the border from the pattern to use one of those.  Unfortunately, I realized the border I chose was way to big, so I only got through two rows, and I decided to just leave it.

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Here's a picture of the book I got.  It's a nice little size, and it has over 150 borders in it, with wonderful detailed directions.  I highly recommend it!

Crochet Borders Book