Thursday, January 31, 2013


I finished knitting my first pair of socks!

A little over two years ago, I went on a retreat with a bunch of other high school and college aged kids from my church.  We stayed in a tiny little house on Cape Cod that belonged to the parents of one of the girls in the group.  We spent all day Saturday in the local town -- the morning on the beach and the afternoon in the quaint shopping area.  Well, I got horrific sun poisoning all over my back and couldn't sleep or wear clothing for several days without bleeding, but I also found a nice little yarn shop tucked away in the corner!

And it was there that I got the yarn that I have been unable to decide what to do with for just over two years.

Until now!

I love the way that the yarn striped itself.  They're just a basic pair of stockinette socks, but I love them!

Also: my camera is currently broken, so all of my pictures are from my phone and therefore are super shoddy.

Ravelry Project | Ravelry Project (the yarn information is wrong)